If you’re looking to visit Switzerland at this time of the year, keep an eye out for packages called ‘Golden Fall’. Switzerland Tourism, the Rhaetian Railway and other tourism organizations put these together to bring out the best of this season, which is stunningly colorful thanks to a special tree—the larch. Entire valley landscapes are washed in a golden light between October and mid-November when their needles turn yellow before they fall. Check out areas such as Graubünden and Valais, and especially Engadin and Goms where you will find Golden Fall in its full glory.

Taste the season
Ok, enough about trees, let’s get down to business! Another thing that changes color in the Golden Fall is the vineyards, attracting many visitors who take picturesque hiking and biking tours. All that hiking and biking drums up a real thirst (as if they didn’t know), and what better a place to be when the thirst kicks in than slap bang in the middle of Switzerland’s wine country. These people are no fools.

Probably the most impressive region is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lavaux by lake Geneva. Here, scores of vintners offer wine tasting at their vineyards. Or, if you’re in the area in November, don’t skip on the Expovina in Zurich—it’s the largest Swiss wine tasting event, and its held on 12 boats docked on the shore of Lake Zurich! A beautiful spot to sample the best wines from all over the world.

Here’s a few more ideas to get the taste-buds tingling!

Nov. 16/17: Nidwalden Alp Cheese Market Beckenried
Nov. 23: Uri Alp Cheese Market Seedorf
Nov. 23/24: Murten Truffle Market
Nov. 25: Zibelemärit Bern (Onion Market – the most traditional market in all of Switzerland)
Oct. 31 – Nov. 14: Expovina – International wine exhibition Zurich