So what is an e-bike? Well, imagine being able to turn the key on your bicycle, step on the pedals and zip off with the acceleration and speed you’d expect from your car, but with zero emissions and minus the headache of finding a parking space. That’s an e-bike.

That’s not to say you’re not able to get a workout too—the bike is assisted by an electric motor—but is still operated by human power, so If you’re not a fan of big hills and steep climbs the electric motor is there to help you out, and can require less effort than walking. These also make incredible commuter bikes and with a top speed of 48kph (30mph) even longer commutes can end up taking less time than with a car, especially if you live in an area with bike lanes.

The Stromer ST1 has a fully-integrated battery that can be charged with a regular wall socket “on board,” or the battery can be removed with the push of a button. { Worthy of Note: The motor is quiet, maintenance free, and is fully contained within the rear hub offering incredible torque for fast acceleration. }The motor is quiet, maintenance free, and is fully contained within the rear hub offering incredible torque for fast acceleration. The motor can generate up to 749 Watts of peak power and can be charged on-the-fly with Stromer’s regenerative braking: the energy used in braking the bike is actually returned to the motor.

And this is no Segway or Sinclair C5—these bikes actually look cool—pretty much like a regular urban bike, so you don’t need to worry about looking like a total geek testing out his latest science project.

The last 20 years have seen a huge shift in mentality regarding the environment, personal health, and urban planning. People are keener than ever to live a healthy lifestyle, and they want to do so in ways that don’t negatively impact the environment, and more than that, they want to do their bit to help. These bikes are a great way to do just that, and we’re hoping to see a few less cars on the roads and a few more people out enjoying a weekend ride or a better way of getting to work.

This March, Stromer opened its new ‘campus’ in Oberwangen near Switzerland’s capital city of Bern, complimenting the region’s dedication to high-tech, innovative transportation and clean technology. In fact, the region is now being dubbed “Stromer Valley.”

Calling it a campus is no hollow statement—this facility genuinely conveys the sense of community, knowledge, education, and development that will take place here. The end result is simply stunning. Clean lines, wide-open spaces and stark minimalism pay homage to Switzerland’s rich design legacy.

The ground floor houses an inviting retail space, the main assembly area and a repair shop. Upstairs, in an equally modern and loft-like environment you’ll find Stromer’s customer service, apparel design, engineering, management, and marketing teams busy at work alongside a stunning kitchen and café area. But visitor beware—you may have to dodge any number of Stromers being ridden around the open floor plan!  All in the name of diligent research of course.

Stromer are also stepping up their presence in the USA, and are offering US residents a way of getting in on the celebrations with the chance to win an ST1 Elite. With a retail value of $3,499, this is not one to miss!

To register to win, just sign-up here: