Automobili Lamborghini and BMC share a common mission: to rethink and reshape the limits of design, production, and performance. Both brands also share a passionate dedication to innovation in the service of creating the finest wheeled vehicles in the world.

BMC’s shining exemplar for this passion is the BMC impec, a carbon frame designed, manufactured and assembled at BMC Switzerland. The impec is the zenith of high-technology production and design for bicycles: it is assembled to unprecedented exacting standards by sophisticated industrial robots programmed to exceed human capacity for precision. From raw materials to finished frameset, the impec sets the industry bar to a never-before-seen height, and is without equal. The impec embodies all the passion and brilliance that goes into handmade bicycle frames, but shares none of the possible human error: it is the culmination of tradition, history, and advanced 21st century technology. It is, simply, “Handmade by machines.”

Both Lamborghini and BMC

continually search for perfection in their respective industries. In the 1960s, Ferruccio Lamborghini strove to build the ultimate sports car. Fifty years later, Swiss entrepreneur, Andy Rihs, turned his vision of the impeccable race bike into reality. And, for both companies, 21st century developments in carbon composite manufacturing have been at the center of their projects, and their successes. In fact, to make their cars lighter, stronger, and more efficient, Lamborghini produces carbon bodywork just next to its headquarters in Sant’Agata, Bologna, Italy, while BMC replaced traditional out-sourcing of carbon frame laminates with its ground-breaking, fully-automatized production process at its headquarters in Grenchen, Switzerland. Both companies simultaneously unveiled their newest facilities and technologies in 2010.

The 50th Anniversary Lamborghini Edition impec combines Italian flair and tradition with all this modern technology, and celebrates the two companies’ affinities and similarities. An exclusive set of Italian made components equips the impec frame, which is then painstakingly painted to highlight its precise carbon assembly while at the same time linking the complete work to Lamborghini’s Aventador dream car.

Additional details have been incorporated from the Aventador, including

the same leather used by Lamborghini for their interior surfaces. This hide makes its way to the impec’s cockpit for bar tape and saddle. The authentic Lamborghini paint adds a feel and a look that are exclusive to this exceptional celebration of Lamborghini and BMC.

The Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition impec is limited to 50 pieces worldwide, and will be produced on a made-to-order basis. Retail price is set at 25,000 Euros (ca. $32,000 USD). The impec Lamborghini can be ordered exclusively through either the international BMC or Lamborghini dealer network. The bikes will be delivered by the dealer. Please address product specific questions to

About the impec

To be impeccable and immaculate: this was BMC’s one and only goal driving a team of experts from multiple leading companies in reinventing the manufacturing processes and materials of high-end race bikes. After years of development and engineering, the result was a one-of-a-kind automated production process using robotics and other computer-aided machinery. The end-result is exceptionally precise tube manufacturing processes that are consistently reproducible without error. This is the foundation of building a bike frame that meets BMC’s impeccable and immaculate standards.

Shell Node Concept – SNC

{ Worthy of Note: The nodal connections and the frame’s tube junctions give the impec its outstanding profile and attest to the “handmade by machines” exclusivity.  }The nodal connections and the frame’s tube junctions give the impec its outstanding profile and attest to the “handmade by machines” exclusivity. The tubes are connected by half-shells made of high-strength, injected-carbon composite. These nodes maximize stiffness and reliability, while at the same time guaranteeing an accurate, computer controlled assembly process for each and every frame.

Load Specific Weave – LSW

Load Specific Weave is BMC’s core innovation and the technological foundation of the impec manufacturing process. First, dry fibers are braided around a mandrel by an oversized weaving wheel called “Stargate.” The mandrel is then inserted into a mold that is pressurized and injected with resin, giving the composite its strength and shape. As a final step, each tube is machine-cut to exact and size-specific dimensions.

BMC’s automated braiding process allows controlled fiber orientations and wall thickness in any area of the tube. This means that each frame’s performance can be optimized by fine-tuning the weaving process. Important road bike characteristics such as vertical compliance and bottom bracket stiffness can be infinitely refined to enhance the impec’s riding experience.

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