Hi Jennifer, can you give us your vitals?
I am a Professional Triathlon Coach (USA Triathlon Elite Level 3) & Sport Dietitian, age 46 and based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

What is your sporting background?
I grew up playing team sports and was a “gym rat” most of my adult life. I did not take up triathlon or cycling until my early 30s. Since that time I have competed in over 100 events ranging from marathons, cycling time trials, circuit races and over 90 triathlons. I love time trialing and long distance triathlons since being a stronger cyclist tends to be advantageous. I have had solid races in most of the 20+ ½ ironman events I have done as well as finished 12 Ironman events. I have been fortunate enough to qualify for the Ironman World Championship three times, and Ironman 70.3 World Championship two times in addition to being a part of Team USA for the ITU Long Course World Championship twice.

So Jennifer, you’ve been a triathlete for over 13 years. How did you get into the sport?
I started participating in triathlon at the age of 32 as a way to network with athletes and gain an appreciation for the crazy athletes who raced in what looked like underwear. I thought knowing what it was like to swim, bike and run in their shoes would add credibility to my sport nutrition consulting business. Getting involved in the sport was one of the best life and career defining decisions I have made as it opened the door to starting my triathlon coaching business and form some very solid lifelong friendships.

Why is the BMC your dream bike?
For me it’s the fusion of masculine beauty, form and function. BMCs have always been sharp looking bikes and through the years I have admired the great performances of both BMC cyclists ( I <3 Cadel Evans) and their sponsored triathletes. { Worthy of Note: When I finally had the opportunity to see and ride a BMC, I knew from the first few pedal strokes that the TM01 had to be mine. }When I finally had the opportunity to see and ride a BMC, I knew from the first few pedal strokes that the TM01 had to be mine. I had to wait quite a while to finally get the one I wanted (only the red and black for me!) and get it built but the end result is……. Fast & Fabulous! You have to admit my Bodil Man Crusher, as she is called, is pretty awesome :)

How many races have you done on your TM01?
Unfortunately only one. The week before I was to receive my new TM01 I was involved in a nasty bike incident in which I sustained a badly bruised hip and my sacrum was fractured. I guess the good news was that the accident wasn’t on the BMC, but the bad news being it forced me to cancel all the remaining 2013 races, nearly crushing my hopes of being on the start line at Ironman Arizona. I must say the TM01 did not disappoint on race day as I would certainly have set a new Ironman bike PR if it had not been for all the congestion to navigate on the 3-loop course. The TM01 just wants to go fast!

Do you have a family, full-time job? How do you balance it all?
I am very

blessed that I do what I love and love what I do. I am self employed as a full time coach and sport dietitian. My business, IronClad Performance LLC / IronClad Coaching provides coaching and nutrition services to athletes ranging from dedicated beginners to elite/ professional long course and ITU triathletes. In addition, I am the cofounder, Team Director and head coach for a Florida based junior triathlon team Triton Elite Multisport. I am fortunate that I have control over my schedule but being your own boss means you are pretty much working 24/7. I am grateful that I have a very supportive husband and well-behaved furry kids (2 cocker spaniels and 2 cats) that don’t gripe if I am away on race-related trips or on longer training days!

How many hours a week do you train?
It varies from 10-20 hours depending on the time of the year.

What are your goals in Triathlon?
Moving forward, I would like to improve on my 70.3 and Ironman PRs of 5:04 and 10:47 respectively. The older you get the harder going faster gets, so that is one BIG reason I needed the TM01……more speed!

Tell us about some funny experiences you have had while passing guys on your bike?
Let’s just be honest….DUDES DO NOT LIKE GETTING CHICKED whether in a race or a training ride! In races, the usual reaction is one of annoyance as I pass and then they try to pass me back only to blow up then have to tuck tail and concede to riding behind me. Generally when I pass I try to accelerate through fast enough that they don’t try to go with me.  { Worthy of Note: In training, I have joked I need a shirt or cycling shorts with the printing: “My draft: By Invitation Only. Unless you are my husband, don’t be sneaky and jump on my wheel when I pass!” }In training, I have joked I need a shirt or cycling shorts with the printing: “My draft: By Invitation Only. Unless you are my husband, don’t be sneaky and jump on my wheel when I pass!”

Recently I got a giggle at Ironman Arizona.  On a fast section back towards town, I made the bold choice to blow past a group of drafting men. As I made the pass the guy up front yells “sweet bike!”  I glanced back, and I saw he was on the same TM01…..guess he needs to learn to ride faster 😉

What is your favorite triathlon and why?
Ironman Arizona. I love the energy in the town of Tempe. The course can be fast and it’s easy to travel to as well as being very spectator-friendly. The bike course is nothing spectacular to look at but it’s fast and has its own unique challenges. I have raced there 3 times and although my recent race on Nov 17th did not go as well as I had hoped, I set my Ironman personal record on that very bike course and earned qualification for two of my three Ironman World Championship spots there. Lots of great memories in Tempe, Az.

If there were one triathlon you would really like to do, which one is it and why would you like to do it?
I would say Ironman Austria because the course is known to be fast, the country is BEAUTIFUL and I hear they have good beer.

You are wearing a vanderkitten jersey in your photo on MyRide – any particular reason? Is it just to show that you are a fan?
I have been a Vanderkitten fan since 2007! This past year, I was selected to be one of their VK Ambassadors. I have always loved their “kick ass” mentally and I really admire what Vanderkitten is trying to do for women in the sport. I am proud to be an ambassador for women who kick-ass!

Please help us out here and let us know about any interesting experiences you have had with your TM01, or facts about yourself (We can only begin to imagine after reading your profile on MyRide!)
Those that know me well know I love to ride and knew how excited I was to finally get my TM01. I was devastated after my cycling accident as there were a number of races I was looking forward to doing on my BMC, so unfortunately I don’t have a ton of interesting experiences on it yet. I do have many training miles on it and can say by far it’s the best feeling I have had on a TT bike since I started racing. I am very excited for 2014 as I plan to race the TM01 in road time trials as well as get back out there to race triathlons in all distances. Next up will be my 13th Ironman in Los Cabos Mexico on March 30th and I look forward to all the miles I will be putting in on the TM01.

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