A story of success
The name “teammachine” is synonymous with the countless successes BMC has celebrated in professional cycling during the past decade. So it’s no surprise that we invested a lot of energy in the development of the 2014 teammachine SLR01 to make sure it delivers the next level in performance.

Ground-breaking ACE technology
For the very first time in industry history, traditional prototyping processes were replaced with super powerful Accelerated Composites Evolution (ACE) Technology. With this unique iterative computer modeling program, more than 34,000 possible frame configurations were prototyped to optimize geometrical structure, tube cross-sections, and carbon layup. The first result of ACE is the new teammachine SLR01: it embodies the perfect combination of performance factors: weight, stiffness and vertical compliance.

“The ability to work with such a powerful iterative tool as ACE technology, and then also benefit from the input and expertise of our pro riders, is really unprecedented. The result is a bike with cutting edge design and production processes, but also one that rides according to the desires of the world’s top pros”
—Andrew James, Road Product Manager

Lighter, stiffer, better
The new teammachine SLR01 is the lightest bike in our line-up. The frame weighs a feathery 790 grams and makes for a 1380 gram frameset (including seatpost, fork and headset). It is nearly 15% lighter but at the same time 25% stiffer than the 2013 teammachine SLR01, and is amongst the lightest frames that are commercially available.

The new SLR01’s high stiffness values combined with its low weight result in breath-taking acceleration, even while climbing the steepest grades. The geometry provides excellent agility, maximum control, and sure-footed confidence on the fastest descents and the most technical corners.

High comfort, maximum traction
The positive effects of vertically compliant frames are well known. { Worthy of Note: The absorption of high-frequency road vibration allows the rider to save critical energy stores }The absorption of high-frequency road vibration allows the rider to save critical energy stores, and arrive as fresh as possible at the finish line. BMC already had a solution for this need with our Tuned Compliance Concept (TCC), introduced on the first generation teammachine SLR01.

TCC optimizes carbon-fiber lay-up and tube shapes so the bike can resist rider-actuated forces, while at the same time giving in to road forces. With ACE technology, TCC has been taken to a whole new level: the new teammachine SLR01 is not only a very comfortable ride, it also offers maximum traction especially in highly technical situations.

Here’s what the press has to say about this latest addition:

“It climbs like nothing else we’ve ever ridden. Imagine taut elastic – a catapult or slingshot, or a child’s bouncy ball. Well, the SLR01 feels as though it has potential energy on tap, and any acceleration releases it in waves of kinetic energy, firing you forwards.”
Bike Radar

“Night-and-day. That was the phrase that kept popping up in my head as I took my first ride on the new BMC Team Machine SLR01. This bike is unquestionably a massive improvement on the 2010 Team Machine SLR01.”