Its Tuned Compliance Concept (TCC), oversized bottom bracket, and feathery weight made it ideal for pretty much any parcours, especially for climbers and stage racers. But at BMC we are constantly striving to improve, so we set out to build on what was already a great achievement.

First, we turned to our professional riders for their insights on which elements were working for them and where they saw opportunities for improvement. Those insights determined our performance goals. Next, we moved on to what we as engineers and designers do best: pushing, and even redefining the boundaries of what is technologically possible in order to deliver on the pros’ expectations.

In an ideal world, we’d be able to build physical prototypes of every iterative stage during the engineering process, but this would take years and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring a new product to market. Still, we made this our objective, but with additional challenges: Slash the development time to one year, and bring the costs into the realm of  reality. To achieve this we needed a new technology, so we invented ACE—Accelerated Composites Evolution.

34,000 design iterations in one year
{ Worthy of Note: ACE Technology does in one year what would, using traditional prototyping, take thousands of years.  }ACE Technology does in one year what would, using traditional prototyping, take thousands of years. Through complex computations and computer generated models, the characteristics of each iteration of frame design are realized, refined, and reiterated until we get exactly the result we are looking for. In designing the SLR01 we went through an astonishing 34,000 design iterations before we were fully satisfied and able to build prototypes for testing and further refinement.

Consider the number of lifetimes and the amount of money it would have taken to prototype every one of those designs: simply not plausible.

How ACE benefits the rider
The benefits of ACE are immediately apparent to the rider. Throw a leg over the new SLR01, step on the pedal, and your breath will be taken away: power transfer is immediate and thorough. Guide the bike into a turn, drop the hammer coming out and find your competition left far behind. Getting over rollers or lighting it up on ascents comes with a new, seemingly effortless ease. The agility of the bike is breathtaking, and its balanced handling ensures surefootedness and rider confidence even in unsettling conditions.

ACE takes bike design and engineering to an unprecedented level. What we learned and developed has brought to us today, what a year ago was the distant future of bike making.  The new SLR01 is the first product to benefit from ACE Technology, and will not be the last. Making stiffer, lighter, more well-balanced, more precise, and more comfortable race bikes is always our objective and this technology is truly an ace up the sleeve for our entire product range; road, mountain, or triathlon.

Deal ‘em!