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  • Issue 13
  • March 2014
  • Tempo
  • Setting the pace of cycling culture
  • Issue 12
  • February 2014
  • Tempo
  • Setting the pace of cycling culture
  • Issue 11
  • January 2014
  • Tempo
  • Setting the pace of cycling culture
  • TeamSpirit

    Every Second Counts—Customizing Cadel’s TM01

    More than 90% of a time-trialist’s power output is used to fight wind resistance, the no. 1 enemy. So it’s no surprise that big, powerful riders perform better. What can be done, then, to support smaller riders like Cadel Evans?

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  • BMCVoice

    Jennifer Hutchison and her Bodil Man Crusher

    There is only one thing on Jennifer Hutchison’s mind: Bodil, her Man Crushing machine—aka BMC TM01. Here she talks about balancing her business with triathlon, the ups and downs, and what it feels like to crush men’s egos!

  • CultureBlast

    Reader story: Cloud Chasing, by Myles McCorry

    Three times I made it to the front door, worn cleats snapping on the tiles. Three times, I returned to the kitchen defeated by the rain.

  • HealthFocus

    With Ovomaltine you can’t do it better, but longer…

    Over 110 years ago, Ovomaltine was launched as a "strength-nutrient," making it practically pre-historic in the world of consumer beverages. It is now one of the oldest and best-known Swiss brands, used as a breakfast and sports drink in over 110 countries worldwide.

  • CultureBlast

    Europe’s Longest Natural Ice-trail: Skateline

    Most ice-skaters only know the ice of artificial rinks. Perhaps in the deep winter months they have the luxury of skating on frozen Russian lakes or Dutch canals. But nothing compares to Skateline, the biggest natural ice-trail in Europe. An ice-skater’s dream.

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